Helen Cairney

helen cairney I am a Wellington-based artist and have been drawing and painting for over 40 years. I have studied art in Auckland and Wellington and am a member of the Academy of Fine Arts.

My background is in Science and Mathematics which greatly influences my art. My fine art largely focuses on the flora and fauna of Aotearoa/New Zealand while I also enjoy creating illustrative designs of iconic animals, objects and places.

I enjoy painting in a variety of styles and use both oil and water-based paints – gouache is my favourite medium!
My most current pieces are based on New Zealand animal life and associated plants. My portrait work also brings in to play the plants that influence the subject’s life.
Throughout my art, I explore the incorporation of both realistic and abstract forms along with differing levels of view.
Until recently I have also been working as a Mathematics teacher, writer and lead educator and am enjoying taking some time to set up my art business and paint all day!!
You can find out more about me and my art by visiting my Facebook page Art From the Hill NZ
The link to this is: www.facebook.com/artfromthehillnz
I also sell my illustrative work at NZique in Petone and online through the NZ Art Show site

Mike Capenerhurst

mike_capenerhurst_bio As a Leather Technician, I have had some involvement with colour and colour matching, in the form of dyes and pigments, the whole of my working life so it is perhaps not too surprising that a latent interest in art/colour resurfaced some 50 years ago when I arrived in New Zealand.

Generally speaking I am self taught ( but with a lot of help from a mentor – Jack Hammond) and my inclination has always been to capture the stimulation of the scene before me. Landscape and the countryside provide that stimulation rather than people or still life although I do occasionally venture into unknown realms. Ancient and decrepit also hold attractions ( like looking to like) – unfortunately my subject matter often disappears because of this fact, succumbing to the bulldozer if not the ravages of time..

Originally, I got my enjoyment using oil paints as the chosen medium and I painted predominantly in oils up to about 20 years ago when my interest turned to watercolours more through expediency than choice. That interest has increased and I am currently getting great satisfaction from this medium.

An exposure to farming has allowed me to get close ups of countryside locations and happenings. In addition, I have been fortunate enough to pay visits back to the UK from time to time. These visits, home and away, are reflected in some of these paintings. I paint for enjoyment – I hope it shows.

And the signature “Emci”? It arose from my habit of using my initials when answering the phone at work – using the full surname takes too much breath , – because I invariably had to spell it – and too much space on the picture surface – hence the phonetic spelling of the initials. Mike Capenerhurst (Emci)

Carl Fairweather

Carl Fairweather DATE OF BIRTH: 19 / 9 / 1973
LOCATION: The Universal Mind (Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand)
OCCUPATION: Working Class Taibhsear, Vision Seer (Scots Gaelic pron.Tah’shar)
FAVORITE ARTIST: The Great Creator of Being

I’m a Mixed Media Artist who likes to Play with and Mix up Different Creative Mediums, That Once Finished, hope that they ask Questions, Illuminate Universal Truths, or Illustrate the Big Mystery with which We call Life.

Music is a Big part of my Creative Process, For me the two go together. When I’m Creating my Art I like to have my Music Playing loud, Either Blasting out of Speakers or through my Head Phones. I listen too a very eclectic range of Music from Punk Rock to Buddhist Chants, The Music acts as a Partner to the Creative act. For me there’s a certain Ancient Connection between the two, something Ceremonial that helps to bring out the Art.

Depending on which Medium I’m Playing with, there are a few Concepts that Flow through my Work, Ranging from The Mythical, The Spiritual, The Political to the Pop, Sometimes it’s a blend of one or the other.

My Inspiration for my Art comes from many Different Sources, I’m a Great Believer in Feeding the Mind, Which for me is Absorbing a lot of Information from various types of literature, Documentary Films, Websites from that Great Information Highway known as the Internet, or just day to day life.

I think it’s a Good thing to keep on learning as an Artist, to be Open Minded, Because when you do that, you and your Art keep Growing……

Email: carlitofairweather@gmail.com
Website: www.carlfairweather.com

  • The Tear Drop Explodes
  • Bee Sacred Monsanto Blues
  • This is the Land - This is the Earth
  • King Dreamer
  • You are Stardust

Cherol Filbee

cherol_filbee_bio Cherol Filbee is an artist based in Hawera, Taranaki. She works in many mediums and frequently exhibits her work.

“Creativity has always been an irresistible itch for me and most of my previous roles have drawn on this in some way. After deciding to pursue arts more formally, I attained honours majoring in painting, drawing and 3D at The Learning Connection in Wellington in 2014.

“I find faces especially interesting and like to explore this through portraiture and caricature. Another passion is the versatility of polymer clay, especially the creation of intricate patterns using the fascinating Millifiori technique. Modelling and 3D creations come naturally to me. I’ve experimented in creating life size creatures, usually cats, in mediums such as Concrete, Dargit, Papier Mâché and most recently Pal Tiya. I’m happy to play with any paint but my current favourite is water mixable oils, for their half way point between oil and acrylic (like having a foot in each camp). With such a vast pool of options to explore through art I’ve yet to decide on my favourite style and subjects – ask me in ten years, I may have the answer – or I may still be enjoying the journey.”

Margaret Springett

Ever since I was small I enjoyed art, especially at school where it was my best subject. I wanted to go to art school but Father said “it doesn’t pay, dear!”

Margaret was born in Manchester England and immigrated to New Zealand in the 1960s. She farmed around South Taranaki, spent time in Tonga and now lives in Hawera, surrounded by a beautiful garden and all things arty.

Margaret likes to do practical things and felting is a creative form which she enjoys.

margaret_springett_workShe is now going to painting classes and enjoying the new challenges so watch out for some different work from Margaret in the future.

Marion Macartney

I am an artist living in Whanganui, having studied both at Ucol in Whanganui and The Learning Connexion in Wellington.

My intent is to convey in my art, the interconnection of all life, in a surreal-like style,  whilst exploring the various aspects of Jungian philosophy, and the human psyche.

Artist Marion Macartney
“Protecting ” Acrylic on canvas by Artist Marion Macartney

Lorraine Vickers

Art is my passion and little makes me happier than when I am lost in working on a painting – I think I get it from my Mum who also loved her art.  It is unfortunate we never got the chance to work together but we shared our love for the works of Rembrandt and Monet.

Following a strong desire I started to paint a few years ago when time permitted with watercolour, then tried acrylic and more recently ventured into oil.  I am self-taught although in the initial stages I attended a watercolour class and oil workshop to learn about the mediums of watercolour and oil.  ‘Doing it’ has been my best teacher and its non-stop learning!  There is so much I want to try!  My preferred mediums are oil and watercolour.  I have always loved to draw.

I like a variety in subject matter with inspiration coming from colour, light and character of the subject.   Animals play a large part, I still have the first painting I had framed – a watercolour sunset scene of my daughter and my dog on Kariotahi Beach.

Included in my artistic career to date are several mural commissions in the Tuakau township.  I had never painted so big before nor painted a painting with a house brush using house paints!  Transferring my sketch to the side of a building was indeed liberating and an amazing experience, not to mention the people of Tuakau for making me feel so welcome.

My work has sold to private collections in New Zealand and overseas.  I am open to sales and commissions.