Cherol Filbee

cherol_filbee_bio Cherol Filbee is an artist based in Hawera, Taranaki. She works in many mediums and frequently exhibits her work.

“Creativity has always been an irresistible itch for me and most of my previous roles have drawn on this in some way. After deciding to pursue arts more formally, I attained honours majoring in painting, drawing and 3D at The Learning Connection in Wellington in 2014.

“I find faces especially interesting and like to explore this through portraiture and caricature. Another passion is the versatility of polymer clay, especially the creation of intricate patterns using the fascinating Millifiori technique. Modelling and 3D creations come naturally to me. I’ve experimented in creating life size creatures, usually cats, in mediums such as Concrete, Dargit, Papier Mâché and most recently Pal Tiya. I’m happy to play with any paint but my current favourite is water mixable oils, for their half way point between oil and acrylic (like having a foot in each camp). With such a vast pool of options to explore through art I’ve yet to decide on my favourite style and subjects – ask me in ten years, I may have the answer – or I may still be enjoying the journey.”