Helen Cairney

helen cairney I am a Wellington-based artist and have been drawing and painting for over 40 years. I have studied art in Auckland and Wellington and am a member of the Academy of Fine Arts.

My background is in Science and Mathematics which greatly influences my art. My fine art largely focuses on the flora and fauna of Aotearoa/New Zealand while I also enjoy creating illustrative designs of iconic animals, objects and places.

I enjoy painting in a variety of styles and use both oil and water-based paints – gouache is my favourite medium!
My most current pieces are based on New Zealand animal life and associated plants. My portrait work also brings in to play the plants that influence the subject’s life.
Throughout my art, I explore the incorporation of both realistic and abstract forms along with differing levels of view.
Until recently I have also been working as a Mathematics teacher, writer and lead educator and am enjoying taking some time to set up my art business and paint all day!!
You can find out more about me and my art by visiting my Facebook page Art From the Hill NZ
The link to this is: www.facebook.com/artfromthehillnz
I also sell my illustrative work at NZique in Petone and online through the NZ Art Show site