Mike Capenerhurst

mike_capenerhurst_bio As a Leather Technician, I have had some involvement with colour and colour matching, in the form of dyes and pigments, the whole of my working life so it is perhaps not too surprising that a latent interest in art/colour resurfaced some 50 years ago when I arrived in New Zealand.

Generally speaking I am self taught ( but with a lot of help from a mentor – Jack Hammond) and my inclination has always been to capture the stimulation of the scene before me. Landscape and the countryside provide that stimulation rather than people or still life although I do occasionally venture into unknown realms. Ancient and decrepit also hold attractions ( like looking to like) – unfortunately my subject matter often disappears because of this fact, succumbing to the bulldozer if not the ravages of time..

Originally, I got my enjoyment using oil paints as the chosen medium and I painted predominantly in oils up to about 20 years ago when my interest turned to watercolours more through expediency than choice. That interest has increased and I am currently getting great satisfaction from this medium.

An exposure to farming has allowed me to get close ups of countryside locations and happenings. In addition, I have been fortunate enough to pay visits back to the UK from time to time. These visits, home and away, are reflected in some of these paintings. I paint for enjoyment – I hope it shows.

And the signature “Emci”? It arose from my habit of using my initials when answering the phone at work – using the full surname takes too much breath , – because I invariably had to spell it – and too much space on the picture surface – hence the phonetic spelling of the initials. Mike Capenerhurst (Emci)