Brenda has had a lifelong interest in art, firstly expressed through the medium of clay then painting. At her stage of life, it is one of reflection and interpretation, allowing the environment and people to bring her new insights and understanding. In this exhibition she is asking the question of herself - What are we searching for in Life?

John is Taranaki born and bred and has travelled extensively for work. His interest in arts was renewed while studying at university; he subsequently trained as a potter with Michael Trumic, attended life drawing classes with Tom Kreisler and later drew inspiration from landscape wherever he was in the world. At present the coast and interplay of light in the forest provides interest.

Gabrielle has recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity after teaching for a number of years. She is currently working in chalk pastel, earth oil paints, handmade paper, digital drawing and printmaking, exploring the integration of these mediums. She works quickly in a Expressionist style, displaying evidence of economic lines, colour, pattern and texture.