A new exhibition Collections is on at the Lysaght Watt Gallery, curated by STDC Arts Co-ordinator Michaela Stoneman. The exhibition runs from 9th August to 2nd September.

The exhibition shows five distinctly different collections by three private South Taranaki collectors.


Portraits and Landscapes

An anonymous collector from Whanganui finds many of her treasures from around South Taranaki. She has a large collection of over a hundred paintings covering the walls of her home. Predominantly landscapes and portraits, her works shows a wide range of styles that reflect her love of the diverse New Zealand scenery and interesting faces.



Bernard Aris – Paintings

Linda Morrison from Tairoa Lodge in Hawera collects paintings by well known English-born painter Bernard Aris, who spent most of his life in Taranaki. Many of the works in this selection are borrowed from members of her family, as they all had a close personal connection with Aris.


Mid Century Design

Nicky Gerard collects mid-century fabrics and papers from auctions, op shops and specialty events like ‘Fabricabrac’. The colours and patterns draw her in and she is constantly refining her collection.


District Archives

A diverse collection from the archives at Aotea Utanganui – Museum of South Taranaki. The Livingston Baker Archive and Reading Room contains a vast array of archives, maps, photographs, publications, films and videos. The unique archives collection relates directly to the families, histories and stories of the South Taranaki region.


Gifted and Swapped

There is also a collection loaned by Michaela Stoneman and Kevin Murrow. The selection of artworks from their home collection have been either gifted to them or swapped with artist friends.

A curator talk at 5pm on Wednesday 23rd August will offer some insight into the collections. Refreshments will be available.