The Collections exhibition, curated by Michaela Stoneman, is on now till Sat 2 Sep. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!

These pieces are from the ‘District Archives’ collection, loaned by Aotea Utanganui – Museum of South Taranaki, Patea.

“The Livingston Baker Archive and Reading Room contains a vast array of archives, maps, photographs, publications, films and videos… The unique archives collection relates directly to the families, histories and stories of the South Taranaki region.”

Left: The Bank of Peace & Plenty, December 30 1919, signed by G. O’Sullivan
Right: New Zealand Centennial Exhibition Certificate, 1939-1940, for Don McCardle

Top Left: Patea District Football Team, 1896 (2003.789)
Bottom Left: Gibson’s Peace Parade, Patea, 1918, celebrating the end of WWI
Right: Newspaper advertising the Hawera Musical Society production of ‘Patience’, 1894