New exhibition by Opunake fibre artist Viv Davy

The State Of Play: Exploratory Makings by Viv Davy

Showing 3rd – 28th October.

Opunake natural fibre artist Viv Davy presents some new developments in her creating process in this exhibition.

“These works were inspired by the variety of landscapes around the coast in Southern Taranaki – the volcanic jumbles of differing types of rocks and soils that have been exposed to the action of the ocean. Such a wide range of differing evidences of previous formations that have been exposed to resorting and re-depositing by geological and man made events remind me of earth’s fragility and fugitive nature. Evoking this through the use of “soft” materials has been for me, as an artist, an exploration in emotionally embedding personhood into a geological context. All the materials used are natural – wools, silks, cottons, jutes, papers; they have all been coloured using locally sourced botanical and metallic dye extracts. This has provided an “organic” and living palette and texture to the making.”