New photographic exhibition from Patea Museum starts today

A new exhibition Voyage into the Heartland: Photographic Works from the Batten Collection from Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki starts today.

“This exhibition showcases the Batten Collection [from the Batten family], a unique photographic anthology exposing original landscapes of the 1930s unseen before in New Zealand. These landscape images speak of a time where landscape photography was in its infancy and still forging its own identity. This collection focuses both on powerful landscapes and intimate portraits achieving a great aesthetic approach to their photography where every image engages us, allowing us to immerse ourselves in their world.”

Curated by Cameron S. Curd. On now till Saturday 3rd March 2018.

Go here for more information.

Huka Rapids above falls – This image was very thoughtfully constructed. The American photographer Ansel Adams specialised in landscape photography and this image imitates the spirit of his work with the raging waters and perfect adherence to the golden ‘rule of thirds’, an element Adam’s work was noted for.
Lions’ Point, Urenui, 1934 – The aesthetic and stylistic touches in this image are breathtaking. The photographer here has taken careful consideration of lighting conditions, subject’s placement, and subject’s actions to create a stunning, iconographic image full of drama and danger; with the subject perched precariously with just a cliff-drop to the sea below.