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805°: Rosalind Fitz Patrick 5 February - 2 March 2024 Lysaght Watt Gallery

805° Celsius is the temperature 90COE art glass requires to reach full fusing, less than this it is not completely one, more than this it can melt and puddle. The artist’s usual practice is to fully fuse sheets of glass together and this often involves sandwiching separate stringers of glass between the flat sheets of glass.

Rosalind’s background in fabrics and textiles has heavily influenced the way she works with and uses glass as an artform. Thread can be woven into patterns. Sand, in the form of glass can be melted into patterns. In textiles the loom is used to form patterns, in glass the kiln is used. Many of Rosalind’s works are experimental, using art glass to achieve similar results to weaving textiles. In other works she combines strips of glass with chain in order for the glass to achieve more of a fringing effect and with a movement that large sheets of glass do not allow for. There is a geometric feel and appearance to Rosalind’s work.

In order to create a new artwork she will begin by placing glass sheets and other materials to explore and experiment with colours and techniques and may take several part sheets of glass and develop them into new works. Hence Rosalind’s studio and working space can have a messy and chaotic look to it which she calls “Pushing the Boundaries”


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