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Deb Williams - Are We There Yet? September 18 - October 14

Deb Williams is a contemporary fine artist working in a variety of mediums.

She paints sea, landscapes and human forms semi- abstracted- in acrylic, oil and encaustic mediums.

Deb loves bold colour and energy in her works. She describes herself as a colourist- and uses a lot of texture and paint on her canvases!

She strives for her work to show emotion, passion and movement, using distortion and mark making.

Deb moved a couple of years ago from a farm in Canterbury- big skies and nor westers, the Alps and Pegasus Bay- to Taranaki. Here she has become intrigued by the native bush, the moody West Coast weather and of course Maunga Taranaki. She has left behind her cows and horses and she is now able to indulge in her passion for walking in storms on the beach with her camera and her dogs. Though the cows still feature sometimes of course!

Deb has been working on a series of New Zealand waterfall paintings during the last year. Waterfalls are incredibly soothing and spiritual- both calming and energetic. Her waterfalls and cascades are based loosely on New Zealand scenes - either sent to her from waterfall hunting friends, or hiked to, and photographed herself. She then distorts these to keep the essence of the scene - and often she says - her brush just goes wild!

From the opening event:

What a fantastic turnout to Deb Williams's opening event for her Solo Show, "Are We There Yet" which is on until the 14th October.

Deb's artistic journey started with the enjoyment of painting cows and although it still lifts her spirits to paint the odd one, her main focus is exploring the New Zealand landscape particularly Waterfalls.

Deb is not only a talented visual artist but also a singer, we found this out when her friends Paula Frearson and Raylene Hunt came along to the opening event to support their friend who they sing with.

The choir group is 'Ombre' - Find their facebook page and keep up to date with the show details which is planned for NP on December 9th.


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