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Langkah [Steps]: A Solo Exhibition of Krismarlianti 27 May- 22 June 2024 Lysaght Watt Gallery

Krismarlianti also known as Kris Donaldson was born in Indonesia and moved to New Zealand in 2021. Started visual art in fashion design before illustrating her books and as an artist.

Kris expresses ‘questioning moments’ in deep words and spontaneous marks on her paintings. Both her writing and paintings have a solid connection with her emotional experiences. It is passionate, energetic, and mesmerizing.

Krismarlianti grew up in a multicultural environment, which led her to a unique perspective on human life and condition. Kris’s background motivated her to research human emotions and the meaning of life. She studied English literature, education technology and professional coaching in Indonesia and New Zealand. She researched the meaning of life and emotional intelligence to complete her studies. However, she believes that her research led her to the visual art path.

Krismarlianti actively exhibits her paintings in Indonesia and New Zealand. She was recognized as a first-place winner of the Taranaki National Art Award 2022 and recently, one of her paintings was selected as one of the finalists of NZPPA 2024 in Waikato. Her work is held in several private collections, both in Indonesia and New Zealand. At the moment, Krismarlianti serves as a volunteer at the local community gallery because of her passion for art.

From The Opening Event :

Kris displayed over thirty paintings and three installations for the exhibition. She invites the visitors to participate by expressing their ideas on a triptych white painting named IT COULD BE...


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